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29 August 2012 @ 09:03 am
I'm just like, going to spaz until I get my crap together far enough to successfully move, and know exactly what meetings/paperwork I need to do once I am on campus.  Again.  After 5 years.  Don't ask.  And so I procrastinate by hollowing out books.  If our internet stopped going out for hours at a time, I could at least productively catch up on fandom things.  Hollow, hollow, hollow.  (PS, you can sharpen Xacto blades rather than changing them out.)

Meanwhile, I have this idol.  She's my favourite academic ever, I love her work, it's everything I've been interested in since, well, I was 12.  Many of her topics are ones I specifically pondered or researched informally, just for fun.  She's brilliant, and I tend to have serious issues with female academics, IDEK.  I want to BE her.

I just emailed her about a research position.  It was a horrifying "I'm a fan!  Got a job?" thing, couldn't think of better, and hell, it's honest.  But I sent it, it was done, I was happy, I realized I'd sent it from my fandom account rather than my real-name account, I *facepalmed.*  OMG.  I had to send a followup email, and best case scenario, she finds it funny, since she writes a lot about the multiplicity of selves and split identities facilitated by the internet.  Worst case, she thinks I'm an incompetent loon, and I have to hide.

20 August 2012 @ 01:47 am
Still scared of flist because of unfortunate "okay, I checkie, OMG TRIGGER" moment.  Not anyone's fault, I even knew it was happening, I just didn't know it would be at the top of my flist, which is suspicious clearly universe on sneak attack.

Saw commercial for Tigger movie.  For kids, eh?  They were playing the instrumental opening for, wait for it, Third Eye Blind's Semi-Charmed Life.  It was on radio forever, sure.  But to use it specifically for a little kids movie?  It's full of sex and meth use, which makes it absurdly inappropriate.  Unless one is writing crack.  I may request that for Yuletide.  Because oh frak, someone might actually write it.  Like the rewrite of Goodnight Moon, which I still don't understand.  Or maybe it really wasn't that good.  Or both.  Post-modernism is lovely, and a bitch.

Anyone else already looking forwards to Yuletide?  
13 June 2012 @ 10:55 pm
I've always thought one of my most endearing traits was the series of things the world chucks at me, or periodically what I chuck at the world.  Recently, my adventures in wildlife continue, and at least my first proper car crash was relatively mild.  I am fine, my car less so.

Yet this is really so much less interesting than what used to happen to me in cities...Collapse )
22 May 2012 @ 04:54 pm
Just realized Derek's moment of crazy picking Karen for Marilyn is in fact very meta.  It is all they (and we) can say about Spielberg casting McPhee in the role.  "She's not the only choice, she's not the best choice, there's no real reason to think she can do it, but I WANT HER for a reason I cannot communicate, she turns (me) on, and I shall bend heaven, earth, and damn near everything else to make sure she at least looks like she's succeeding!"

For real, I still vibrate with rage.  I sit around, and imagine seeing how deeply I can stab whoever is responsible with my ballpoint pen.

most lucid rant I've hadCollapse )
01 May 2012 @ 12:14 am
I have words.  And thoughts.  Not so much, order in, are they.

Clearly time for a brain dump.

as always, i'm never done talking, if anyone would like a chat, no need to even read, just drop a line ;)Collapse )
15 April 2012 @ 05:36 am
So I go to take the screen out of my window, so I can go for a smoke.  What is this?  I say, because there's a shadow at a bottom, and as I lean in to look, it's looking back at me.  Hello small toad!  I spend a bit of time getting the screen out and down, so I can get out without squishing the little guy, presuming he'll hop off it and away, and proceed to tread uber carefully across the yard, lest I smush another one.

I come back, and sure enough, not on the screen.  Unfortunately, sitting on my window sill.  Uh oh, says I, and try to pick him up.  At which point he jumps onto my chaise lounge.  Well, crap, says I, and try again.  A couple times, actually, since he manages to escape the two-hand grab, I'm used to catching crickets, and is hopping perilously close to the side of the chair, where he'll fall down between it and my bed and force some major furniture moving.  Happily, I finally snare him before he can slip between my fingers, and deposit him several feet from the window.  The screen's back in, but I have an inkling he'll be back.  Are toads attracted to light?

What else? Derek/Ivy with Rebecca spec and revisitation to the "touch" theme etcCollapse )
04 April 2012 @ 05:42 pm
Dear Being Erica: I still love you the most. But I still can't think about you. I try and I cry. Just like my dog, who is dead. I dreamt about him the other night. I was sobbing so hard in dream-land, and woke up sobbing so hard in real-land, and I couldn't stop. I'm thinking, with love, around you both.

So while this feels like a betrayal, I hope you will understand, as I continue my descent into irrational obsession with Smash and give in to the urge to blog my way through it. But I will never do it "live." That is ours alone.

Worked through the whole ep, but Ivy/Derek stuff is copied to the top because I love it the mostest.

I liked Karen! But I love the id spec!Collapse )