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02 February 2014 @ 08:03 pm
Useless post because pic-less  
But I wanted to point out that in the recent tradition of "oh, that little icon thing is trying to tell me something useful or interesting,"


Otherwise known as "I kinda stalk Michael Riley and related and they notice?  Eeks no halp"

I'm still not over this show being over.  It's totally increasingly relevant as the actors get more high-profile (well, American-oriented...) gigs.  And I'm still playing it cool but pleased as fvck that all Power Play fic ever is by or FOR ME.  Manic laughter, for real.  Seriously, I'm getting my shit together for next Yuletide because I got Being Erica fic again this year and it Destroyed me, and I'll never forget that I only ever got into Being Erica because of Power Play.


By the way for Yuletide I got this amazing fic by Cinco, http://archiveofourown.org/works/1091812, and then had a minor attack of "cries my eyes out" and basically there was a lot of crying and glomming onto a Frasier rewatch for emotional support so I am pretty sure I forgot to pimp this story out.  I still can't talk about it without crying.  But if you've managed to accept that Being Erica is over, and a Happier Ending will only happen in one of the mythical "other timelines" they didn't get to show us, then this fic embraces that, no holds barred. 
c_canadensis: perfectc_canadensis on February 4th, 2014 02:04 am (UTC)
I miss that show! Thanks for getting us some nice fic.
I think I didn't discover Power Play in time to watch it in order or something (those being pre-internet days, for me at least) because I watched some and wanted to watch more but somehow never managed. It was mostly Jonathan Crombie who had me there at the time.