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Dear Yulegoat: I was very very bad, er, good, this year...

Hello dear Yulegoat (and any other Yuletiders who, like myself, troll through author letters),

First, the obligatory yet incredibly heartfelt: "write something you enjoy and I promise I will love it too, 'tis the season for niche loves and OMG I share one with you :)"  This is doubly true because after accidentally missing Yuletide entirely last year, I find myself with some... complicated relationships... with my requests, and while I carry my baggage around, any new story is all the shiny which my Yuletide needs.

About me: is a bit more comprehensive than my AO3 account, as to what I've written, if that's useful.  I've been trying to branch out in the style and type of fic I write personally, but I love to read everything, from character-introspective musings to plotty fic to experimental formats to scripts.  My heart tends to drag me to the dark and bittersweet, but I have less than no objection to humour.  I love G through NC-17, though for Yuletide I like to shy back from PWP.

I do have incest and humiliation squicks, so if possible to avoid those, I would appreciate it.

I shall now ramble on about my requests, because I tend to talk a lot and love it when I can mine though lots of information when writing for someone, but this is all entirely optional, and if you think it will make it harder to write, feel free to stop reading now XP

Being Erica
(Erica Strange, Tom Wexlar)

I do ship Erica/DrT, but I ship them like the writers ship them: as everything, anything, always and forever. Friends, lovers, coworkers, getting past each others defensives or falling apart, missing scenes, AU/other lives, post-finale, convolution of timelines, bantering, bickering, sharing deep emotions and memories or taking elicit peeks into the others life: I just want these two back in MY life, and catch a glimpse of any of the number of things they might be to each other.

Firstly, thank you so very much to whomsoever nominated Being Erica!  Yuletide wouldn't feel right without this in my list, just because it always is.  I used to liveblog my viewings, so there is a rather large quantity of BE commentary around with my name on it, but strangely enough I've come to terms with this fandom.  I'm okay with everything that happened, the way I feel now is maybe what I'll feel forever.  And part of that is the belief that while we saw Erica and DrT's relationship sketched out, there is so much below the surface canon never delved into, a richness and depth there I will always be curious about.

Prompts:  I... don't have any.  I'll muse on this.

Ripper Street
(Emily Reid)

I love Emily, and I think she got the short end of the stick in season 1. There's indication she is/was very intelligent, curious, determined, and full of life, and I'd lovelovelove to see some of that given back to her. I do ship her with Edmund, but if she gets to shine I'm not really fussed on that point.

I'm drawn to broken things, I find them beautiful, and Emily and Edmund's relationship is possibly as broken as it can be, because they broke apart separately and now the pieces won't fit back together, they just keep jabbing each other with their sharp edges.  I'd love to see that explored - Edmund has reached out more than she has, what would his reaction be if she decides to reach out?  What does she think of him?

If that's not your groove, I'd love to see Emily being awesome.  Who does she meet in her parish work, what does she teach and what does she learn?  Is she doing okay healing herself?  Does she solve little, daily mysteries?  I'm looking, I guess, for a little keyhole into her world and personality, before, during, or after :)  I love everyone in this canon, so feel free to use any characters you like :)

Prompts: What if Emily and Homer end up working a case, and try to keep it secret from Edmund?  Edmund found someone else for solace, does Emily?  She has a habit of tracking down Edmund when she has a serious thing for him to be police about - what would happen if she comes for a silly reason?

(Ivy Lynn)

I love Ivy. I'm trying to think of what I want, but really, I just want a story about Ivy. I do ship Ivy/Derek, it's what dragged me into the fandom (completely unexpectedly and literally backwards), but I'm also desperate for, well, Ivy. A scene with her and literally anyone has incredible potential. (With the small coda of I do not believe Karen Is Awesome which, er, yeah.)

Like Being Erica, my relationship with Smash is hideously complicated, but also rather more hostile.  I've talked and written a lot about the show, and have also written rather a lot of fanfiction trying to work out my issues.  Which may or may not be intimidating, if we matched on this fandom.  But what I'm really yearning for is just views and takes that don't come out of my own head, and which (hopefully) give Ivy the more prominent importance she was denied in season 2.  Aside from adoring Ivy as a strong, complicated, flawed female character, what I particularly love is her relationships.  Of all the characters on Smash, it's Ivy who has the most relationships, the most varied, nuanced, and complicated ones, from Jessica and the ensemble members (who never quite betrayed her) to Sam to Tom to Julia, Ronnie, the casting guy and Derek.  There's affection and respect lacing through her life, and I'd love to explore ANY of her relationships further.

Feel free to set the story anywhere in canon, and/or ignore the pregnancy.  I'm not adverse to pregnancy or baby!fic, though I'd rather see it as another life complication rather than a magical fix-it or something which ruins her life.

Prompts: There were rumours that Ivy was intended to have a relationship with their JFK, which obviously didn't pan out, but what if it did?  The look they exchange onstage when she drops her sheet - it feels like artifacts of a dropped storyline exist there.  Or how about Eileen and Ivy, down the road?  I've often mused on how Eileen perceives her, whether Eileen would take up the mantle of mentor of if Ivy, all along, symbolized her strenghts/failures.  Ivy and Julia also started to have a real friendship, which sort of ties with Ivy's ascent to stardom - stardom which is less a thing than a state of mind.

***I don't generally support character bashing, but if so inclined, I am also craving fic where Karen "gets hers."  Whether it's finally gaining a little humility, really acknowledging that Ivy deserved the role as well, or... more...  This is also an exception to my humiliation squick.  It's very mean spirited of me.***

Pushing Daisies
(Olive Snook, Ned (Pushing Daisies))

I love Olive. She's awesome, and she can do no wrong. There is a hole in my heart looking for Olive/Ned fic, because I ship them and have all these feels, but if that's not your groove let Olive shine! Her banter with Emerson Cod is GOLD, and I'd love to see her get to go on another case, maybe take the lead, get suspicious. Or a scene about Olive and Ned as friends, early when they met or during or even after the series.

Olive!  My baby!  She's so zany and kooky and has such a big heart but isn't afraid to stand up for herself when it matters, even to her best friends.  She loves life in this weirdly selfless (maybe egoless?) way that is where I think she's perfect for Ned.  It's not that I hate Chuck, so I'd rather she just be shuffled to the side, but for me the Chuck/Ned relationship relies so much on familiarity and history and the weird situation that I'll forever be curious to see Ned in a relationship without that crutch.

I don't typically root for complete AUs, but in this fandom, it might work really well.

The finale felt like (and was) a rushed together answer to "how do things turn out" so feel free to ignore that!

Prompts: What happens if Chuck decides to move on, leaving the rest of them in The Pie Hole?  Or when Olive finally finds out about Ned's gift?  What happens at the next year's bake off?

Orphan Black
(Paul Dierden, Sarah Manning)

Orphan Black is just an incredible show (and don't think I didn't recognize Tatiana Maslany from Being Erica XP ) At the end of the day I find myself intrigued by Paul, and particularly his relationship with Sarah. There are a lot of loose ends and contraditions in his character, as with hers, and I'd love anything that explores how they connect - or don't, whether it's looking at their pasts, presents, or future. Or if this totally isn't your thing I love any and all clone-interaction (no explicit clonecest please though)!

Paul is easy to overlook, with so many amazing characters (many of them played by Maslany.)  But if they were leaving him ghosting around the edges to strengthen his character, it worked.  He's an impossible mess of disinterest and passion, hard and soft, loyal and turncoat, strong and weak.  How broken is he in the head?  Is he playing his hand minute by minute, or does he have longer term plans?  What I especially love about him with Sarah is that despite the fact that he has relevant experience, and Sarah just has natural strength and street-smarts, he defers to her, lets her take charge and live her life.  I haven't quite sorted it in my mind, but it's a beautiful balance we don't often see in media.

I love everyone in this fandom, so feel free to use any character you'd like to write!

Prompts:  Paul and Sarah have a silly night in (with anyone else.)  Or what if Felix sits Paul down for a "talk?"  Or the clone's quest runs straight into Paul's past?  Or, heck, Paul decides he wants to commit to Sarah and her fight?

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