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18 June 2013 @ 05:58 pm
Interesting Times  
I live in terror of them, because they tend to find me, see, and in waves, and I'm still not sure if it's the normal odd from going about life and I'm situated to be sensitive, or it's me having a touch of Rincewind.  Insomnia, doesn't help.  It's often not to do with any mucky choices on my part either.

- The two times I've gone to campus in the wee hours to work I've bumped into half of my old remaining hall members.  It's not odd that they're out at wee hours but it's not as if I'm hanging about outdoors for long, and they are merely walking past.  Second time was last night.

- A spate of afternoon heavy rain showers locked me up at the library today, where I found myself situated to overhear quite a lengthy conversation involving a PTSD, multiple personalied individual search for a companion dog.  It's not like there are many of them about, one has to suppose.

- And then I found an empty insulin thingy in the stacks, which has never happened before.  The story behind it is more evocative than the thing, but I took it with me to avoid a stray child using it as a plaything.

- I choose to not find the preponderance of Golem-heavy books in the slim selection of Pratchett odd, but it tweaks a nerve after that rather interesting chapter from the Chabon I perused upon suggestion, not long ago (and which, in fact, was the first book I actively sought out and sparked a renewed interest in reading.)

- This on the heels of a desperately interesting day not long ago in which I had vast amounts of walking and Being Ironically Lost Eventually To Destination and then conversed to peculiar end with a banker, a police worker, and an author, which were at least three situations which were Entirely Of My Own Instigation/Fault.  Halp me.

- And I think, despite giving up on my guilt-induced abortion of my "pretend to write Karek" fic, I have picked up a reader who is under the impression that a current project is Karek.  Despite having All Karen Appearances involve her being nasty, and Derek PROPOSING to Ivy at the point right before they would have decided to note they liked it.
(Deleted comment)
atatteredroseatatteredrose on June 22nd, 2013 08:23 pm (UTC)
I even did a first chapter. :> The idea was to use Karen's POV, starting after season 1 finale, have Derek loft her and her decide he's in love with her... But right when she's totes happy, surprise, Derek's been in love with Ivy the whole time, only interested in Karen professionally... (It sounded better in my head)

Really the point was to rope a bunch of the mindless Karek's and shock and horrify with the "surprise" Divy end, but I couldn't bring myself to finish executing :/