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29 May 2013 @ 06:17 pm
Just a stupid little...  
1) Smash comm forthcoming, looking for a name.

2) Banking!  I swear I have the strangest banking issues, at this point I might be loyal just because of the humour.

Yesterday my credit card was declined.  Today my credit card was declined.  This tends to be embarrassing, so I trekked over to a BoA with people, which is instantly funny because it's high class, a block from the Pru, and being college and in a bender I showed up, plunked down and grabbed a lollipop and a mag while needing a shower and in a sweatshirt and grungy jeans and crazed bleached hair.

"Er, can I help you?"

"Hi, you're declining my credit card and I'd like you to stop."


"My credit card is being declined and I'd like it to stop."

Poor guy was kinda hot and I'm not who he's used to working with.  Turns out I had my credit card confused with a debit card (it happens, they all look alike) so we have a 5 minute conversation about why they repeatedly if sporatically decline my joint debit card and only my joint card, over the past many years and several cards.  Conclusion: he does not know, but it shouldn't be happening so there's not really anything I can do about it.  Exactly what I like to hear from my bank.

Some day they'll figure out how to tell I'm coming and RUN.

3) Boston Maranthon the Third entry, happier than others:

I was walking the streets, soon after it happened, a girl was on the sidewalk taking a pic so I hung back because there wasn't room to go behind and you know.  So she finishes and thanks me and I look up and... The Pru is lit up in blue and yellow, a giant 1 crafted from office lights.  I knew it was happening but I forgot and it was an overwhelming moment.  I think anyone bothering to click and read knows I go/went to MIT and maybe didn't know one of our officers was shot and killed during the aftermath.  10,000 officers from the world over descended to pay tribute, apparently, I'm not entirely sure what it means to them, I didn't know him but I have friends who did, he was a good guy, in the sense that he was a Good Guy to the strange wonderful awesome niche people at MIT.

A few days after there were sirens and shouting, horns and screaming in the street.  I of course started to panick, what now? and it turned out it was spontaneous mobs converging on the Commons after the suspects had been cornered and um, caught.  I don't like mobs, specifically missed the one post World Series game a few years back where a girl was killed by a rubber bullet, (literally, I was half living a block from the riot and refused to go home) but I went to this one and am glad I did.  Most well-organized and perhaps anti-climactic mob ever.

People filled and rimmed a gazebo, I think they were BC students, leading cheers for likely suspects and there was concentrated whiffs of pot and people holding tablets and phones and comcorders recording.  Heading one way others thanked Boston PD walking the other way and the response?  circa "Just be good, that's all we can ask."  I was heading to the top of a hill as PD were converging on a spot, not sure if there was a reason but neon yellow was surrounded by a crowd by the time I left to go home.

The way back and again cars honking, trickles and masses of people walking either way down the center of Commonwealth.  Shouts, screams, honks.  I don't know what we thought we were doing, any of us, but it did feel like we were in it together, the moment if not a real fight.

I found out this was really happening when I went out front for a smoke, a mass of kids were walking down the sidewalk, several wrapped in flags, chanting U. S. A... U. S. A. and I was horrified and intrigued and that was when I knew I had to see it, not because I believed them or even found it was appropriate, but to SEE...

And I heard the secondary, tertiary conversations and I don't believe what they did and I'm not convinced they were there for the right reasons but then neither was I.  Observer or not I went and I was there and that was my intent.  Stuff happened, continued to happen, it was bad and I wasn't affected but I was, places and people and destinations too close.

I guess my point, in the end, is that posts 1 and 2 were pretty bad and sad and then some good stuff happened.  Pru lights and a gentle mob and Collier Strong T-shirts proving I shouldn't own white t-shirts but I own and will wear it.  It was a thing that happened, it was bad, and things continued to happen.

Did I say the one about a friend, working on a production of No Exit, who emailed her "I'm okay" message as part of a "the cast of No Exit is in Walker, we're locked down away from windows but we're alright..."

There are still flowers and a sad orchid planted and barriers decorated and crosses and crowds at rather unfortunate places if you're being a resident and not gawker and trying to go somewhere.  I really feel like I'm in it but not, this strange middle ground where I have rights and familiarity so many do not, yet lack the taint of real blood, a step removed, two, where three steps, even four, count as intimacy to thousands and millions who don't know where to place their feelings.
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