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18 December 2011 @ 11:32 am
Sanctuary Santa is due way before my mind thought it would (traitorous mind.)  And Yuletide is still due when it's due, despite the creeping pace the fic is progressing at.  Both internally and literally, I've been at it for a couple weeks and I'm distressingly convinced that nothing actually happens in the fic and thus everyone, especially my recipient, will hate it.  Don't tell, but I believe I WILL be taking the opportunity to tweak and finagle during those precious few days between "due" and "revealed."

I hope this time of impending Holidays has everyone just as stressed as me, because then we can get together and drink too much caffeine (coffee or cocoa, to taste), eat too much sugar (let's rim the martini glasses with sugar rather than salt!), and generally lose our minds and stick our fingers into light sockets and stuff.

Not really.  Hope ya'll are making it through the last minute rushes and finding life slowing down far enough to enjoy the season of peace, love, joy, and whatever XP

Woohoo for gifting panic times!