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04 November 2011 @ 05:48 pm

Dear Beloved Flist:  Who knew about THIS and didn't tell me?  D:
(For those who don't click first, ask questions later: Being Erica Screencaps!!!  A full complement; really large, fantastic quality, and no need to download!  BRENTBRENTBRENT)

Of course I'm now icon'ing in circles.  Started with Brent and Julianne (how could I resist?) in my usual random fashion.  Take what you like, feel free to use any as bases :)

The one thing you need to know: a few of us have decided to honour Brent and Julianne's abbr. book idea by renaming two of our favourite Speak Ease.  JULIANNE now means <3 and BRENT now means *\o/*   :D


Icons Here!Collapse )