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Yet another C.S. Lewis quote :D  Though actually a lot of his quotables are highly applicable to the show in general, and DrT & Erica specifically.

Note: I've adopted the convention of using "Patients" to refer to those who have been offered a Therapist's card, and who are in an ongoing therapy situation.  By contrast a "patient" is a cardless benefactee, which at this stage are these one-off "patients"of Erica, Josh and Julianne.  The ramifications of the distinction is being hashed out in the Boundless Land of Comments, but it so far has to do with Kevin Bacon.  *g*

I found the second episode delightfully twisty, though still feels more like set-up than anything.  Which I'm sure will make sense in terms of the whole series, but I've been pretty down about the slowness ever since, well, since DrT last went nutters.  But seeing as how it's the last leg of the journey for the show, it has to be heading for a climax at or near the end and I keep the faith that it will be beyond every high point thus far, eh?

Now, will there be Brent?Collapse )