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 Spent most of yesterday afternoon on the bathroom floor.  I now hate grout.  I tried soaking the floor in a reasonable solution of bleach, I tried some sort of strong Lysol bathroom cleaner, I tried Bon Ami - scrubbing it into every grout line - I tried Nature's Miracle, and Coke (though technically I tried Diet Coke because we don't have Coke in the house) and something else that I can't remember but which didn't work either.  And while okay, somewhere along the line most of the grout is now clean, and the floor sanitized to within an inch of it's life,  I can't budge the most heavily pee-stained spot.  D:  It's not like I don't appreciate Dog 3's desire to not pee on the rug like Dog 1, but one way or another he's going to learn to use a pee pad or the grassy pee thingy.

Watched Suits last night.  I'll try anything USA.  The first 15 minutes or so were very "meh" but by the end I loved it enough to stay up for the second airing.   It kinda reminds me of ProfitCollapse )

Finally - I know there are a few Haven fans on my flist, if any of you are interested, or know someone who'd be interested, in co-modding or taking over haven_iconest , PM me or comment here.