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25 January 2011 @ 11:29 am
I'm not entirely sure what made last week so generally busy.  For me, it was a packed time of acting as my mum's PA, cleaning the house, and doing some actual work because I'm tired of being entirely broke.  Which means I'm waaay behind and will be catching up this week.

But there's one thing I'm currently busy on: Strange Therapy
Why yes, it IS the Being Erica fansite I've been dropping hints about!  Candi has made it all pretty, and now I'm frantically trying to stuff it with content without breaking anything, which is not terribly exciting for people who aren't me but what I want to do is draw your attention to the 
Forum.  It's empty and exciting, ripe for possibilities, like a blank notebook before it's filled with a list of regrets.  

Or, hopefully in our case, a series of awesome discussions and points of interest and friendships made.  And as you, dear flist, are my favourite people in the world, I hope that you will join me over there, Christening the boards and keeping me company while I'm working on the site these next couple of days.  (And beyond!  But this week I'll be there like 24/7 because of season 3 starting Stateside)


The other Being Erica - related thing is that while I try not to deluge this journal with my landcomm-obsessive products, I do want to pimp out what is probably my favourite landcomm in the whole wide world:

Why?  Because it's the only one that allows Being Erica-derived creations.  There are 4 teams and each is awesome, but I myself am partial to Team Aliens because I am just that dorky :D  scifiverse  also has very excellent challenges, which spark the imagination.

What is a Landcomm?  It's a game community, where teams compete (kinda like for a House Cup.)  You earn points by completing writing, graphics, and puzzle/game challenges.  Participation is key, rather than being very good, so it's a great place to learn new skills or try out new things.